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Short Hiatus Announcement

Short Hiatus Announcement

Hello friends! I have officially been book blogging for about a month now, and I already need to take a little hiatus. A part of me is happy because not that many people really know I’m here yet anyway, but a part of me is annoyed because I feel like I’m just starting to figure things out and now I need to stop. Oh well, it can’t be helped and it’s for a good reason. My family and I are going on our annual visit home to the States!

My husband and I have lived in Taipei, Taiwan for eleven years now. Both our kids (almost 8 and almost 4-year-old boys at the time of writing) were born here. Fortunately for us, both my and my husband’s family mostly live in the Los Angeles area, so we don’t have to divide our visit up between multiple parts of the country. Still, we have a busy trip planned. Here’s just some of what we’ll be doing:

  • Visit with family in L.A.
  • Drive from L.A. to Las Vegas for a family reunion.Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon during our stay in Vegas.
  • Fly up to Portland to visit a dear aunt.
  • Take a side trip to Olympia to visit a cousin.
  • Fly home from L.A. to Taiwan by myself with two small children because my husband is only staying with us for the first two weeks!

This does not leave a lot of time for blogging, so I’m not even going to really try. I just don’t think I’ll be able to do it, so I’m releasing myself from that and just going to focus on what really matters during this vacation. Here is what I will be doing:

  • Reading!
  • Visiting with family, watching bad TV with them, loving them.
  • Buying clothes to fit my Western frame! Yay!
  • Getting a pedicure with my Mom.
  • Eating a chili relleno. I have been dreaming about this for a year.
  • Going to In-N-Out.
  • Drinking chai lattes with friends.
  • Marveling at the lack of crowds and open space.
  • Accidentally eavesdropping on people because I can actually effortlessly understand everyone.
  • Going to Target and Trader Joe’s.
  • Going to indie bookstores. There’ll be a post about this. The Last Bookstore and Powell’s Books are on my list, and I’m open to more suggestions!
  • Still visiting my book blog friends and commenting, and making the TBR grow and grow. 

I know this all probably sounds pretty ordinary to a lot of you, but seriously, I miss this stuff so much! So I’m going to enjoy myself, and I’ll be back on March 12th with news of my adventures and hopefully lots of mini-reviews for all the reading I plan to get done. See you then!

American expat in Taiwan, book lover, wannabe writer and Mandarin language learner, homeschooling mom to two boys.

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