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I’m on a horror spree!

I’m on a horror spree!

Since I have decided to start writing about what I read so that I can read better, I’ve realized that the process of setting up a a blog in order to do this writing can really distract one from the main point, which is reading. Not only did I have to actually stop reading and sit down to figure out how t0 create a blog, but I then discovered all these other blogs and websites talking about books! Needless to say, this past week I’ve been a wee bit distracted (more than the normal amount that comes with homeschooling two kids). If things continued this way it would definitely prove that my plan to write about books in order to be a more thoughtful reader is NOT something that can work for me, but I think things are calming down. For the books I did get to read, I did notice that I was mulling them over a bit more because I knew I would probably write about it later. So the jury is still out.

I still got some decent reading in, and I’m excited about some good titles I have in the queue!

What I Read (and DNF) Last Week

I very much liked The Boy on the Bridge but did not love it quite as much as the first book in The Hungry Plague series, The Girl with All the Gifts. This is a good, non-campy zombie book. Trust me!

A woman goes a year without any kind of electronic communication. I thought I would so be into What Falls from the Sky because of my recent struggle with internet distraction, but I couldn’t get into it and DNF. It wasn’t horrible, but I felt more like I was reading blog posts. I know that was kind of the point – she mentions that she turned her year-long experiment into a book because she literally couldn’t blog about it while she was doing it, not being able to use a computer and all. It takes a lot for me to get into non-fiction, which I rarely read. It has to read like a story or impart some truly mind-blowing information to get me interested, and this just felt like a diary.

I listened to Modern Romance on audio. Definitely the way to go, because the book is even funnier when you hear it being read by Aziz Ansari himself. This isn’t a celebrity memoir, it’s just a book about romance in the modern digital age that happens to be written by a funny celebrity. It didn’t blow me away but it was a quick and entertaining read (or listen in my case).

Bird Box. You guys, I’m still recovering (just finished it today). I didn’t think I’d like this book but I really really did. I mostly read this one but I was also able to get the audiobook from the library at the same time (I love it when that happens). It’s a good thing because I really did not want to stop reading it. When I had to actually do things for my life I just switched to the audio. Review coming soon.

What I’m Reading Now

I’m listening to Interpreter of Maladies on audio. I am not a huge short story fan, but I try to give them a chance once in awhile and this collection won the Pulitzer. This is hit or miss for me so far. The first story, A Temporary Matter, gave me goosebumps (even though I was listening to it while folding little toddler underwear – talk about being transported). None of the others have lived up to that first burst of story lightning so far. I need to savor this one story at a time, so I’m listening to this one slowly.

What I’m Reading Next

I haven’t read more than a handful of horror books in my entire life, so this past week’s books involving zombies and unseen horrors (Bird Box, you give me nightmares) is quite the departure for me. For my next read I’ll be moving away from all that dark stuff and reading a book involving kidnapping, The Deep End of the Ocean. And I’m excited to start Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery on audio.

What did you read this past week? What are you going to read next? Thanks to Kathryn from The Book Date for hosting this Monday reading round-up. =)


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