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Favorite Books of 2017 & Readerly Goals for 2018

Favorite Books of 2017 & Readerly Goals for 2018

What better way to kick off this blog than for a little reminiscing over the previous year’s reading? I have to admit, I sort of feel like I can’t officially commence the beginning of THE PROJECT (I’m saying this in a way that makes me feel important) until I put a tidy little bow on my imaginary stack of 2017 books. This will be a quick and dirty round-up, since I have not officially started writing down my thoughts on the books I read. That’s my thing for 2018. I can only imagine that by the time I sit down to reminisce about my 2018 reading, I’ll have lots of great book reviews to look back on to jog my sleep-deprived brain. So for this simple look back on 2017, I’ll give you a few quick stats (always interesting to book nerds like myself), separate the books by genre, and link to the book on Goodreads for the synopsis rather than writing it myself. Also, since you can go directly to the book on Goodreads, you can easily add it to your TBR. I know what you guys really need is an even bigger TBR. You’re welcome!

The whole point of me starting this blog is to become even more thoughtful and intentional about my reading, so from now on I’ll hopefully have more thinky thoughts and feely feels to share about books (if THE PROJECT works).


Stats for Book Nerds

Total read: 93

Kindle: 54

Actual book I had to use fingers to turn the pages: 1 (I do a lot of reading in a dark room with sleeping children next to me)

Audio:  38

Fiction: 70 (yes, I’m biased and I don’t even care)

Non-fiction: 23 (pretty much all memoir or narrative non-fiction)


Best Fiction 

A lot of these are 2017 releases, but not all. I just happened to read all of them in 2017. Also, I feel entitled to list more than the usual “magic 10” because this is just a quick and dirty list without many details. And by the way, this was really hard! I only picked my 5 stars, but leaving out those precious 4 stars physically hurt me.

The Power

Stay With Me

The Snow Child

The Poisonwood Bible (a very rare re-read for me)

The Book of Phoenix

The Stars Are Fire

The Neopolitan Novels (See what I did there? I’m sneaky.)

The Broken Earth series (I’m cheating again heh heh.)

The Road

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Kitchens of the Great Midwest

The Underground Railroad

The Nightingale


Best Non-fiction

By the way, I listen to almost all my non-fiction (which is almost always memoir or narrative) on audio. There’s nothing better than listening to an author tell their story with their own voice! These are all audio.

Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat

What Happened

A House in the Sky

Hunger: A Memoir of my Body

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

In Order to Live

All Creatures Great and Small

Born to Run

Angela’s Ashes

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

The Sound of Gravel

The Glass Castle

Born a Crime

Between the World and Me


Goals for Next Year

Personally, I don’t like to participate in any reading challenges that boss me around and tell me what kinds of books I have to read. Right now, as a homeschooling mom of two, I have so little margin in my life. I just want to read what I want to read. That said, I still want to stretch and branch out. For 2018, my only goals are as follows:

  1. Be more thoughtful and intentional about my reading. This is why I started this blog, so I can use my brain a bit more for my passion!
  2. Don’t be afraid to give unusual-to-me formats a try (I’m looking at you, Sleeping Giants).
  3. Read longer books. I almost changed my Goodreads reading goal (the only reading challenge I participate in) to 100 rather than 80, since I almost made it that far this year and probably could have with a few less Netflix binges, but I don’t want to find myself reading a bunch of short books just to say, “Look, I read so many books!” Also, Netflix binges are fun.


Feel free to check out my Goodreads for more titles!





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4 thoughts on “Favorite Books of 2017 & Readerly Goals for 2018”

  • I’m a huge fiction girl, myself. What a great list of books from 2017! Many of those were favorites of mine as well. Have you read 11/22/63 by Stephen King yet? That would be an excellent choice to begin your quest to read longer books. It’s a doozy, but soooo worth it. Happy Reading in 2018 (& good luck with your new blog)!!

    • Hey, thanks for being my very first comment! Can you believe the only Stephen King book I’ve read is his one on writing? I need to give him a chance but I always hesitate to dive into one of his. I was thinking I should try The Stand because I love dystopian, but 11/22/63 is definitely something else to consider. I’ve heard great things about it!

      • I read a lot of King when I was in Middle and High School, but after reading “It” I swore off the horror genre forever. Once the world had convinced me that 11/22/63 was NOT horror (and I got over the huuuuuge page count) I decided to give it a go. It is seriously one of the best books I have read in the last decade, if not ever.

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